Over 20 years ago my culinary journey began in Boulder Colorado at The School Of Natural Cookery. I studied and trained in the art of cooking healing foods for clients suffering with specific illnesses, also specializing in vegan lifestyles and healthy cuisine. I am a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and have spent 18 years in the restaurant business. I climbed high in the restaurant industry working throughout the United States, experiencing new cuisines and training with talented chefs from all over the world. Throughout my journey as a chef, I realized a corporate chef experience was not for me, as it diminished my passion for cooking. I relocated back to Colorado from Florida where I took the plunge and began my role as private chef. My passion has since been reignited. Working closely with clients is what I value most as a chef, specializing in the delicate balance of food and how it nourishes and heals the human body is fulfilling. 

Working in unison with my clients to overcome dietary obstacles, abiding by dietary restrictions, reaching personal goals, creating alternative menu plans for specific illnesses and cooking for families and special events are all ways I serve my clients. These are the many ways I utilize my vast experience and training to provide top notch service to create multicultural cuisine that satisfies both my clientele and my purpose as a Private Chef.


Intuitive cooking from my heart is what my clients receive with every customized meal prepared that is centered around their specific palate, needs and desires.