"My family has been incredibly blessed by Michael and the meals he has provided to us. Almost a year ago, I had to eliminate many items from my diet for health reasons. I am a mother and a wife and was very stressed about how I was going to take care of my health and also provide meals for my family.  Michael came to the rescue. He spoke to each one of us and got our likes and dislikes and then he prepared meals for us each week that ALL of us enjoy. The time that I have saved shopping and preparing meals is well worth the affordable price that we pay for Michael.  

—Angie B.

“Chef” as my family and I like to call Michael Mullen, has brought so much ease and food exploration into our family’s mealtimes. 6 weeks in lockdown back in March/April had me at my whits end on preparing meals for my fussy husband and 14-year-old daughter. Chef came recommended by a friend of mine and I was going to try him for a short time to get some relief from meal prep. 8 months later we still have Chef preparing the most amazing meals. 

 The biggest thing Chef has done for our family has been opening doors to foods that they would usually not try and that I would not take the time to prepare, fearing that they wouldn’t eat them.  That has not been the case with Chef.  He combines amazing flavors and creates dishes that are easy to finish in the oven, on the stovetop, or in the microwave.  There is little to no prep and minimal cleanup,  and I love knowing that he has shopped and prepared with our family's needs and special requests in mind.

Chef has truly made mealtime in our home more of an adventure in eating and more time spent as a family enjoying his “Food With Love”.