Make Your Comeback Events Memorable

Updated: May 10

During the COVID-19 pandemic everybody has been affected: families, businesses, and communities as a whole. With this in mind, I wanted to focus on helping families during quarantine. You see, to me food has always been a catalyst for bringing people together, and we especially need that right now with people being separated from their families for extended periods of time, with restrictions on traveling, with kids being home from school and with work places closing down. It was with all of this on my mind that I created family meal packages to assist family and elderly members of the community with chef-created meals. The meals I provide are very affordably priced, and include free, non-contact delivery on larger orders. It is because we have not been able to dine out or gather in groups, that I decided to bring quality restaurant-style food into your homes at affordable prices, and to provide meals vacuumed sealed and freezer friendly, with easy reheating instructions.

As a Personal Chef, my background and expertise have focused on multicultural cuisine and catering to vegan, non-vegan and Ayurvedic eaters, and those with special dietary needs. I bring my passion and culinary expertise to providing themed dinner parties for all occasions, including simple get-togethers, reunions, corporate events, intimate anniversaries or dates for two. Summer is nearly here, and with people getting back together it’s time to think about how to provide the most memorable experience to your guests and yourself. We can work together to create the perfect dinner party, reunion, or event to appeal to both you and your guests. Leave the food to me and you take care of yourself and your guests. Don’t miss any more precious moments.

Chef Michael Mullen, making your meals memorable. Call 904-466-0554 to book an event or to learn more.